Under the Dome

Come Behind the Scenes with Community Voices

History and memories of time spent at Mitchell Park Conservatory are invaluable but what can the future hold? Join us as we reimagine the grounds together.

Welcome to the Under-Dome

Welcome to the Mitchell Park Domes. Temperatures fluctuate as the Directors discuss material deterioration, outdated infrastructure and opportunities for sustainability.

A Community Sanctuary

Join community members Juanita Ramos, Tammy Rivera and Leticia Munoz-Hernandez as they share perspectives of peace, hope and tranquility the Domes bring to Milwaukee residents.

The Future Is Now

Architecture is form and function. The Mitchell Park Domes are iconic for the city of Milwaukee but there are challenges with this “futuristic” structure. Walk through the history of how the conservatory came to be and what the community is learning as the facility ages.

A Monumental Choice

The Conservatory is a source of pride for Milwaukee but it does mean different things to different people. Are we interested in restoring the structures or are there more aspects to Mitchell Park worth the maintenance investment? Something has to be done, a decision needs to be made. There’s definitely options and it’s time that we choose a direction with confidence and move forward.